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Find Products Fast with Acsell Product Filters

What is Acsell Product Filters for WooCommerce?

Acsell Product Filters is the fastest most comprehensive product filters plugin in WooCommerce developed based on best practices suggested by the Baymard Institute.

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Why Acsell Product Filters?

Features you need. Packaged into the fastest filter plugin on WordPress and WooCommerce. Easy to set up and fully manageable – no developer knowledge needed.

In-Browser Fast Filtering

Acsell Product Filters is built for speed. We use information in the page HTML to apply filters and update filter counts instantly, reducing server calls with zero page refresh.

The information stored in the page compresses down by at least a factor of 10 when gzipped, so there is minimal overhead in the page. Our large 10,000 product demonstration page has an overhead of 195KB for product data which is equivalent to a few images. We have plans to improve this in future releases.

Advanced Ajax Technology

We use Ajax to request product HTML from the server. The filtering code (JavaScript) in the browser stores the HTML in memory and creates the product list from that.

So for small pages all of the product HTML is quickly loaded and filtering is instant.

High Volume Traffic

The Ajax calls are carefully crafted so they can be safely cached by edge caching. So if your site is busy there is minimal load on your server. Also, your customers get the products appearing more quickly as the product HTML is served from cache.

Acsell Product Filters is fast but can get faster with higher volumes of traffic, this is unique compared to other filter plugins within the WooCommerce market.

Features and Benefits

Merchant Ease of Use

Easy set up Installation/Activation

Acsell Product Filters has a Config Wizard for a guided implementation to create your initial Global Filter Set.

Category-Specific Filters

You can have a different set of filters on any page or use the global set.
Preview new filters on any page without changing the live filters.

Drag & Drop Ordering

Modify the position of your filters within a filter set using a Drag & Drop interface.

Display Filter Values in Columns

For small filter values or swatches, display in more than one column.

Filter Relabelling

Rename, or translate, any filter value to a new value, modify any text output by the plugin.

Custom Sort Orders

Drag & Drop your most popular brands to the top of the list of filter values.

Filter Templates

Have a set of filter templates which can be updated in one place and used in multiple filter sets.

Manual Setup Option

If you prefer, skip the Config Wizard and set things up manually, or run the wizard at a later date.

Import/Export Settings

Export filter settings from your site as a backup and re-import at any time, or import to a new site.

Extensive range of Options and Mechanisms

All the Filter Options and More

  • Filter products by price
  • Filter featured products
  • Stock
  • Attributes
  • Tags
  • Sale

All the Mechanisms and More

Acsell Product Filters has all of the filter mechanisms you could possibly need including:

  • Dropdowns (Single Select): Allow users to select a filter value from a dropdown list.
  • Dropdown (Multiselect): Allow users to select multiple filter values from a single dropdown.
  • Ranges: Automatically create ranges for filters like Price or define your own ranges
  • Checkboxes: The most common filter mechanism used.
  • Switches: Toggle a filter on/off for example In Stock?
  • Swatches: Colour Swatches or Upload Images such as Brand Logos.
  • Sliders: Price slider with dynamic product counts updated as you slide.
  • Links: Filter values as links
  • Link Boxes: Create Boxes for your filter values
  • Limit Display: Limit the filter values displayed when first opening the page
  • Search: Search in filter values
  • Collapsible filter menu

Product Counts

Hide Zero Value Filters

If all product counts for a filter are zero when the page loads, hide the filter completely.

If a product count is zero when the page loads optionally always hide the filter value.

If a product count becomes zero when a filter is selected, hide the filter value, or choose to leave it in the list.

Dynamic Product Counts

Product counts associated with filter values update automatically as filters are selected.

Customer UX in Mind

Accordion Settings

Decide which of your filters are expanded or collapsed on page load.

Return to Page

Take users to the place where they were on the product list on the page, after navigating away and clicking back in the browser.

Specific URLs

The page URL changes according to applied filters and scroll position so that it can be shared via social media as user-generated content or marketing communication channels.

Truncated Filter Lists

Truncate lists of filter values at say 10, then add a Show More button.

Search in Filters

Add a search box if you have many filter values.

Multiple Loading Types

Lazy Load

Load products batch by batch as a user scrolls, and choose different values for mobile vs desktop.

Show More

To allow users to reach your footer, have a Show More button after a set number of products have been loaded.


Add pagination if desired after a set number of products have been loaded.

Flexibility in Filter Sets

Global Filter Set

Use a global set of filters across your site.

Page-Specific Filters

If your global filter set is inappropriate for a particular page, you can easily create a page-specific set of filters.

Mobile-Specific Filters

Choose different filters, mechanisms, accordion settings etc. specifically for use on mobile devices.

Desktop-Specific Filters

Have different settings for people using a desktop computer or tablet to browse your site.



Built-in compatibility with a number of themes out of the box.


JavaScript events are triggered for theme compatibility and actions.


WordPress actions and filters are available to change the behaviour of Acsell Product Filters so it works with child themes and fits in with your design.

Demo Acsell Product Filters for WooCommerce Now

Acsell Product Filters is powerful technology, that will produce faster results on your WooCommerce Store. We are so confident in the performance of the plugin that we created a realistic ecommerce environment with over 10,000 products. Test the speed for yourself!