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Accessing Support

We ask that you take a moment to check our help files for answers to your questions as this is the quickest and easiest way for you to get the answers you are looking for. We’ve invested and continue to invest considerable time into creating help files and believe this is the best first step to accessing support.

However, we are keen to gain feedback and insight from our customers, so please feel free to share your feedback and ask questions.

To access support please raise a ticket here.  

All our support interactions are managed through a ticketing system so that we can keep a historical record and provide a better quality service. We cannot accept any support requests through any other channels.

Support Expectations:

We only support the products sold by Acsell, when there is an active subscription held by the customer.

Our support service includes:

  • Plugin installation
  • Configuration
  • General use
  • Advice and Guidance on how to use
  • Licencing
  • Refund requests
  • Account and invoicing

We are able to support up to three people within an organisation for each plugin.


We recognize the importance to respond quickly and will aim to have an initial response within 24 hours of a ticket being created.

Supported Versions:

Unfortunately we cannot support all legacy versions of our plugins and other WordPress and WooCommerce related products.

Therefore, we may respond to your support ticket asking you to upgrade all of your critical products, including WordPress and WooCommerce. To upgrade to the latest version visit our downloads.

For our plugins, we support the latest version.

For the core WooCommerce and WordPress installations, we follow the same approach as WooCommerce and offer support on the ‘latest minus two versions’, where the version number is in the format of x.y.z – we focus on the second then first number. You can see the full release history of WooCommerce on WooCommerce’s Releases developer page. For example, if the current version of WooCommerce is 5.5.z then the oldest WooCommerce version we support is 5.3.z. At 6.0., support would be down to 5.8.z. 

Updating to the latest version often solves issues and has many other benefits. If we recommend that you upgrade version of WooCommerce or WordPress, we cannot provide support on this; however we will provide support on the upgrade of our plugins.


Each of our plugins have different compatibilities. Each plugin will have these listed under the ‘Compatibility’ area on our website.

Bug Fixing:

We take pride in our plugin’s quality of code and do our best to fully QA before public release. However, we cannot test every possible scenario which means there will likely be bugs.

We will fix bugs as quickly as possible, focusing on the highest impacting bugs. This means we’ll priorities on severity and volume of field reports.

Raising bugs benefits us, you and the community, so we welcome them.

If possible, we will provide you with a work around while you wait for a new version with the bug fix – however, unfortunately this will not always be possible.

Support Exclusions:

We only support Acsell Plugins.

We do not support customers without an active subscription.

We do not support sites with custom code changes to our core plugin code.

We do not provide general support for WordPress and WooCommerce.

We do not support and cannot take responsibility for third party products and services which collide with our plugins, unless they are state as compatible.

We do not deactivate themes and plugins for investigation to identify the cause of an issue. We will ask you to carry out this exercise and provide details on your results.

Changing the way your site looks or functions outside of our plugins control.


Acsell plugins are sold as is. While we will provide support we cannot provide customisations through our support service. A customisation is anything that changes the way our plugins looks, behaves or functions.

Any customisations applied by yourself or third parties are unsupported and may impact compatibility with future versions of our plugins.

If you require customization, we can provide you with Development Services at a cost which will be estimated to you.

Data Security and GDPR:

By using our support service you accept that we hold your data for the purpose of fulfilling a contract. We will always be respectful and careful with your data and will only hold data that is appropriate to being able to deliver on the contract.  

Further information please visit our Privacy Policy or GDPR and Data Security terms.


The information here is an addition to our terms of service, which apply to all Plugins.