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Acsell is Heading to WordCamp Europe 2022!

Jess Ayre
April 5, 2022
WordCamp 2022 is held at the Super Bock Arena in Porto, Portugal.


We’re excited to announce that Acsell is a sponsor at this year’s WordCamp Europe event on the 3rd and 4th of June. Four of our team members will be present at our stand across the two-day event at the Super Bock Arena, located in the gorgeous coastal city of Porto, Portugal. We’ll also be arriving a day early to participate in the community activities on 2nd June.

What is WordCamp?

The European WordCamp Conference is an event hosted by the WordPress community for open source enthusiasts. This informal event welcomes all, from newcomers and casual users to industry specialists and experienced core developers. Offering an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together, network, explore new ideas, and discuss exciting opportunities.

The last WordCamp event held in person was hosted in 2019 and was the largest to date, with over 2,700 participants. After the hurdles caused by Covid, the opportunity to come together and meet in person is increasingly valuable. Not only have the connections been drawn out by global restrictions, but the tech sector has also witnessed a massive shift to home working practices. During this time, ecommerce has been on the rise with accelerated development to deal with demand. As the first physical event hosted in three years, it will be buzzing with thought-provoking conversations and technological advancements. Providing a refreshing opportunity to create connections with a range of talks, hands-on sessions, workshops, and exhibits.

Why are we going?

Our brand was formed by talented ecommerce specialists who identified ways to improve product discovery by removing inefficiencies capable of hindering user experience. Acsell is fresh to the market and backed by our parent company, Sellerdeck, which has over two decades of market presence. We’re excited to introduce Acsell Product Filters and find our roots within the WordPress community. Unlike our competition, our plugin uses in-browser fast filtering, yielding lightning-fast results and improving the user experience. The caching technology supports heavy amounts of traffic and large databases without compromising speed.

The Bigger Picture

The open-source WordPress community is a highly innovative sector, full of brilliant creatives and forward-thinking individuals. Operating within this environment is undoubtedly influential to brands and a strong element of our identity. We’re keen to learn more about the other businesses within this ever-advancing field and bounce ideas off fellow WordPress enthusiasts. Exploring developments with industry experts, networking with other companies, and of course, checking out all of the amazing exhibitors. These captivating conversations can prove pivotal in the growth of WordPress organizations.

Who’s going?

We have a range of passionate individuals working at Acsell; and two of our lucky team will be heading off to sunny Portugal (we’re not jealous at all).

Hugh Gibson – CTO

Hugh is our highly experienced Chief Technical Officer. He has been working at our parent company, Sellerdeck, for over 10 years. His industry experience and coding knowledge have been imperative to the foundation of our product and brand.

Danni Di-Tommaso – Digital Marketing Executive

Danni is our in-house Marketing guru with 5 years of experience within the industry and an SEO specialist. She has been fundamental in creating the Acsell brand, proposition, and marketing activities.

Are you planning on attending WordCamp Portugal 2022? Find here to find out more about WordCamp Europe and be sure to come and say hello!

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