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Road Map

Acsell builds powerful technology at plugin prices for WooCommerce.

Our goal is to deliver faster results to your business through the use of our premium plugins.

We focus on the key areas that impact business improvements and achieve a commercial goal.

After identifying that the current WooCommerce Product Filters plugins on the market had poor speed performance and a lack of critical functionality we saw an opportunity to provide our customers with a solution that would outperform all other product filters plugins. This is when we created Acsell Product Filters; the fastest most comprehensive product filters plugin in WooCommerce.

Future Developments

Acsell Product Filters is the first plugin of many to address the current gap that retailers may be unaware of. Our mission is to provide customers with a suite of product discovery plugins that deliver faster results through powerful technology at plugin prices.

The Acsell Product Filters plugin is currently optimised for WoodMart, Storefront, Flatsome, Astra Pro and Avada Woocommerce themes. As we continue to expand our plugin, our theme compatibility roadmap includes:

  • Shopkeeper 
  • Divi
  • Ocean WP 
  • Newspaper
  • X the Theme
  • Generate Press
  • Bridge
  • Neve
  • Jupiter X
  • Divi
  • Porto

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