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What’s different about the Acsell Product Filters?

Acsell are part of a company called Sellerdeck. Sellerdeck has a long history in eCommerce having built an eCommerce platform that is used by many retailers. There are areas of functionality that have been built for our platform, which we think others may benefit from. So, we’ve taken a particular area of functionality, product filtering, and created the Acsell Product Filters plugin.

The Acsell Product Filters plugin uses advanced JavaScript and caching technology to apply filters on a website much more quickly than traditional filtering methods. Many websites still use a page refresh and a call to a server to query which products should be displayed. Our solution does not need to make frequent server calls to apply filters, as the browser already knows which products to show or hide when filters are applied.

All of this means we can apply filters almost instantly. So we have packaged this technology up with a fully functional product filter plugin. We have built a Config Wizard to help retailers set up product filters on their website quickly and easily with a guided implementation. We have built-in functionality to make the solution fully customizable. You can have different sets of filters on different product categories and you can use templates to use single filters in multiple locations. This means you can modify the template and it will update the filter on any page where it is used.

What’s most important is that some fast filtering solutions cost thousands of dollars per year to run on a website and are usually sold via a SAAS model (Software as a Service), whereas the Acsell Product Filters plugin is just $99 per year. We want to create enterprise-level solutions at affordable prices.