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Refund Policy

Acsell offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its Plugins, meaning if you submit your refund claim within 30 calendar days of purchase you will receive a full refund.

To claim your refund please raise a support ticket via our support centre, including the reason for your refund claim.

Once the refund claim has been received, we will use our best efforts to process your request within 3 days and the payment will be deposited back to your card within 7 business days of it being processed. We aim to provide the full refund within 10 business days from your initial refund claim.

Once your refund claim has been accepted you will no longer be able to access the Plugin, support, updates or any other benefits from the refunded Plugin.

You cannot receive more than one refund on the same plugin.

If there is an exchange rate applied, this may impact the amount of the refund. We will not repay the additional difference in exchange rates.

We will never refund an amount greater than the plugin purchase price.

No refunds are provided after 30 calendar days of your date of purchase.